Forst Beer & Roner Distilleries for Ter Lignum Whisky 2023

FORST Beer and RONER Distilleries Introduce TER Lignum Whisky

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In a harmonious collaboration, FORST Beer and RONER Distilleries proudly present TER Lignum Whisky, a precious, elegant, and balanced creation paying homage to the memory of the brewing pioneer, Engineer Luis Fuchs, who served as the head brewer at FORST Beer.

Forst Beer & Roner Distilleries for Ter Lignum Whisky2023, photo from press release

Forst Beer & Roner Distilleries for Ter Lignum Whisky2023, photo from press release

The name “TER Lignum” translates to “three woods” in Latin, referring to the barrels where the whisky ages for five years. The cherry wood bottom imparts a slight reddish hue and fruity plum notes to the spirit. The staves, crafted from oak, contribute to the whisky’s robust and complex aromas. The bold choice of larch for the lid introduces hints of dark chocolate with undertones of fresh mint in the aftertaste, ensuring a lasting pleasure.

This new TER Lignum Whisky is the result of a collaboration between two significant traditional Alto Adige (South Tyrol) companies: FORST Beer and RONER Distilleries. This premium whisky, courageously peaty and long-lasting with mature malt notes, perfectly encapsulates the essence of its origin.

Alto Adige’s influence is evident from the raw materials and maturation process to the name and incomparable taste, making it unmistakably unique. Moreover, this fifth-generation whisky pays homage to Engineer Luis Fuchs, who, alongside his wife Margarethe, directed FORST Beer for over 50 years, starting in 1933.

During the 32nd edition of the Merano WineFestival, slated for November 3rd to 7th, Helmuth Köcher, renowned as “The WineHunter” and the event organizer, had the privilege of tasting TER Lignum Whisky.

Forst Beer & Roner Distilleries for Ter Lignum Whisky 2023, photo from website

Forst Beer & Roner Distilleries for Ter Lignum Whisky 2023, photo from website

Collaborating with Cellina von Mannstein of FORST Beer and Karin Roner of RONER Distilleries, he lauded the successful partnership, stating, “Congratulations on this important and successful collaboration between the two traditional companies, FORST Beer and Roner. In combination with the brewery, this high-quality product takes on an entirely new dimension. Who else, if not FORST Beer, can provide such optimal raw materials in Alto Adige? I find the origin of TER Lignum particularly inspiring, aged in barrels of three woods. This element is also reflected in the history of FORST Beer, deeply rooted in the land and its people.

The South Tyrolean identity is vividly expressed here, and it’s fantastic that this identity can be conveyed in a glass, in the form of whisky. “Back to the roots,” is the motto of our wine festival this year, and TER Lignum fits perfectly.” Finally, the wine expert delved into the whisky’s production and storage, explicitly praising the successful packaging and overall presentation.

As a special event during the WineFestival, TER Lignum Whisky was also savored by participants during the inaugural gala dinner.

TER Lignum Whisky is available at FORST Beer, RONER Distilleries, their respective online shops, the FORST Shop, selected beverage stores, and restaurants, packaged uniquely in 0.7-liter bottles.

FORST Brewery: Crafting Excellence in the Heart of South Tyrol

South Tyrol, Italy – Nestled in the breathtaking Alpine landscape of South Tyrol, FORST Brewery stands as a beacon of brewing tradition and excellence. Established in 1857, has seamlessly blended heritage with innovation, becoming a symbol of quality in the world of beer.

Territorial Elegance:
Surrounded by the stunning Dolomite Mountains, the brewery benefits from the pristine waters that flow from these majestic peaks, contributing to the distinctive character of FORST beers. The region’s rich soil and favorable climate further enhance the quality of the locally sourced ingredients, fostering a unique terroir that is unmistakably reflected in each brew.

Artisanal Production:

FORST Brewery prides itself on a meticulous brewing process that combines modern techniques with time-honored craftsmanship. The brewers, carrying forth a legacy spanning generations, employ traditional methods to ensure that each beer maintains the highest standards of flavor and quality. From malting to fermentation, every step is a testament to the brewery’s dedication to its craft.

Beer Variety:

FORST boasts a diverse portfolio of beers, catering to a wide range of palates. Whether it’s the crisp and refreshing Pilsner, the rich and malty Märzen, or the robust and flavorful Dunkel, each variant carries the essence of South Tyrol’s brewing expertise. The brewery’s commitment to innovation is evident in its seasonal and limited-edition releases, surprising beer enthusiasts with new and exciting flavors.

Iconic Offerings:

Among its flagship offerings is the renowned FORST Premium Lager, a golden elixir that perfectly balances malt sweetness with a subtle hop bitterness. This lager has become synonymous with South Tyrolean conviviality and is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Environmental Stewardship:

FORST Brewery places a strong emphasis on sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices in its operations. From energy-efficient brewing processes to eco-conscious packaging, the brewery strives to minimize its environmental footprint while continuing to produce exceptional beers.

Destination FORST:

Beer enthusiasts and curious visitors can experience the magic of FORST Brewery firsthand by embarking on a brewery tour. Guided tours offer a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process, coupled with tastings of the brewery’s finest creations. The on-site FORST Shop provides an opportunity to take home a piece of South Tyrolean brewing excellence.

My opinion:”FORST Brewery stands as a testament to the marriage of tradition and innovation, where the essence of South Tyrolean craftsmanship is bottled and shared with the world. Each sip of FORST beer is an invitation to savor the flavors of this enchanting region, where nature, heritage, and brewing mastery converge to create a truly exceptional experience”.

Carol Agostini fondatore del Magazine Papillae, titolare Agenzia FoodandWineAngels, commissario internazionale, selezionatore, Food&Wine Writer

Carol Agostini fondatore del Magazine Papillae, titolare Agenzia FoodandWineAngels, commissario internazionale, selezionatore, Food&Wine Writer

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